I’m Cris Reynolds, a highly experienced Solicitor working in both the family law area and private client area. I am a member of Solicitors for the Elderly.

Planning Ahead – Taking Care

Throughout my career I’ve seen what can happen to families and individuals when a loved one becomes ill and can no longer make the day to day decisions that we all take for granted due to illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, which leave the individual unable to make even the most basic decisions about their own affairs or well-being.

The effects can be devastating, both for the individuals and the families.

Family Matters

This can be a very emotional period for all parties.   I provide support and advice not only during office hours but can be available at your convenience.  I always try to resolve matters on an amicable non adversarial basis.

Lasting Powers of Attorney
Court of Protection

Professional, Dedicated Service

For this reason I now specialise in advising on, and arranging, the legal protections that can take a large part of the strain out of what can be a very distressing time. I am independent, which allows me to focus on this important service, and put in place the documents and arrangements that will allow you to act on behalf of a loved one just when it matters most.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Power Of Attorney means one person giving another the legal permission to act on their behalf. This is done while the person is capable of giving that permission, and is there as a “just in case” should the worst happen. For the Power Of Attorney to take effect properly, there are documents that must be filled in and registered in a very specific way.

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Court of Protection

The Court of Protection helps people who are no longer mentally capable of making decisions on their behalf. If a Lasting Power of Attorney hasn’t been put in place, and you wish to act on someone else’s behalf, you apply to this court. Specialist support and guidance can make the process much more manageable, especially if there are issues you would prefer to be dealt with quickly.

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Care home fees

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