Fees Charged

Lasting Powers of Attorney

For either type of LPA:

LPA for Health and Welfare £450

LPA for Property and Finance £450


For both types Together £750

Ordinary Powers of Attorney £150

(This compares with average fees charged by many law firms of around £450 – £650

for an individual LPA, and around £600 – £850 for the two together – excluding Vat)


To act as an Executor within a Will I charge £200 to £230 per hour depending on the complexities of the matter.


My fees for representing a client through any family matter is £200 per hour. The cost of presenting a divorce petition to the Court is £550. Fees for financial matters vary depending on the complexities of the matter so discussions take place to ensure you are aware in advance of the likely costs.

Applications to the Court of Protection

For either type of application for deputyship, to assist with all formalities, forms and receiving Order from the Court:

Property and Finance £850

Health and Welfare £850


For both applications together £1500


To act as deputy on your behalf

The fee for the application will vary depending on the complexities of each case.

For all work carried out in relation to Court of Protection Deputyship applications and Power of Attorney I charge £200 per hour.  For acting as a Deputy, I charge a Grade C solicitor rate.

Wills Single Joint
Will (without Trust) £400 £700
Codicil £250 £400
Trust fees in addition to the above:
Discretionary Trust £200 £300
Life Interest Trust £200 £300
Private Client Services
Declaration of Trust £500 upwards
Severance of Joint Tenancy £200
Change of Name Deed £150
Living Will (Advanced Directive) £250
Court registration fee for Grant £155 plus 50p per copy
Bankruptcy Search £2 per individual name
Land Registry Official Copy Entries £3 per entry
Section 27 Trustee Act Notices £100 upwards

Please call or email for further information regarding my fees

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